How to Choose The Best Roller Skates 2021

Roller skates are a fun and healthy way to get around. Roller skating is not only for kids anymore! Roller skating has become an activity that people of all age groups enjoy, whether they are competitive or just looking to have some fun. Roller skates come in many different styles and brands, which can make it hard to choose the best roller skate for you. This blog post offers advice on how to find the perfect pair of roller skates so that your experience is as enjoyable as possible!

How to Choose Best Roller Skates Buying guide 2021

Types of Roller Skates

Indoor Roller Skates:

They are used in indoor tracks and rinks. Roller skates for indoor use have wheels that are typically smaller and harder than outdoor roller skates.

Outdoor Roller Skates:

Outdoor Roller Skates are roller skates designed for, as the name suggests, skating outdoors. The majority of people prefer to skate outdoors on larger, softer wheels because they’re less likely to get stuck indoors and the ride is more comfortable. Choosing a pair of skates with durable wheels is very important If you’re going for outdoor skating.

Jam Roller Skates:

Jam Skates have a unique low-cut design with a sleek and modern look designed to enhance your skating experience. The stylish skates provide the power, control, agility, flexibility, and speed that you get from wearing regular figure skates. It has no toe stop, no laces, no heel support, and is made of leather.

These roller skates have a special feature: the ability to “jam” on them, making it easier to skate backward. Jam roller skates are designed with a very loose wheel setup, making it so when you rotate your foot backward in your skate, all 4 wheels will move at once and make it appear as if they’re not rolling at all.

Rhythm Roller Skates:

Rhythm Skates are very similar to Jam Skates. They also have leather boots with usually no toe stop. They are designed for dancing and performing.

These skates are designed for the more advanced skater, with a deep wheel dish and usually smaller wheels. They allow you to skate in a very unique, fluid type of way and are especially good for performing tricks and dance moves.

Roller Derby Skates:

These are designed for the sport of roller derby. They are extremely hard and durable, allowing you to easily do anything from just skate around the derby track on them to doing advanced tricks!

Roller derby is a full contact, full-speed sport. It’s played on roller skates and the object is to score points by lapping members of the opposing team while they are skating around an oval track. The game also has another name: banked track roller derby.

The key to winning in this fast-paced, intense game is mastering your skills on roller skates – which means having the right kind of equipment! Roller Derby Skates should be designed for speed and agility (so you can dodge opponents!) as well as comfort so that you can keep up with the momentum of play without getting injured or slowing down too much.

Speed Roller Skates:

If you are a competitive roller skater, speed roller skates would be a good option for you! These skates allow the user to skate at top speeds and perform tricks like other speed-style athletic equipment. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing You First Roller Skates

Determine Size and Style:

The first thing you should do when trying to pick out your roller skates is to determine exactly what size and style you want. These are important because they will directly affect how comfortable your skates are, which can greatly affect how enjoyable skating on them will be.

While roller skate companies provide measurements for each type of skate they sell, it can still sometimes be difficult to find the right fit without trying on a pair of skates first. If you plan to buy your skates online or in-store, it’s a good idea to go ahead and order/try on a pair before committing to the purchase.

Roller skate sizing is different than shoe sizing: the number provided by the roller skate brand is based on the length of your skates, not your shoe size! To find out what size you need, measure the length of your foot from toe to heel and then check the table for recommended sizing.


A longer wheelbase will give you more stability, while a shorter one is better for quick turns and spins. All jam skates have an extremely wide wheelbase for the sole purpose of providing safety when skating backward.


Bigger wheels allow the user to skate faster because they provide more surface area on which the person can roll. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger and softer the wheels are, the more comfortable they will be. while shorter wheels allow the skater to do more advanced tricks.

A popular type of wheel is the “Riedell outdoor” wheel and they are available for most types of roller skates; these wheels provide better traction than other options, allowing you to safely skate on irregular surfaces such as gravel or dirt.

Toe Stop:

Some people are fans of toe stops, while others find them annoying and take away from their skating experience. Toe stops are small plastic stoppers attached to the front of each skate that prevents you from slipping off when doing various types of spins and turns. If you’re new to roller skating, I would recommend getting some skates with a toe stop because they can aid in making the transition into your first few sessions much easier and more comfortable. 

Jammers (Jam Roller Skates) vs Speed-style:

Most people enjoy skating on jammers much more than speed roller skates because of how fun they are to maneuver around on. However, if you’re serious about competing or skating long distances, speed-style is the way to go!


You should also consider what kind of artwork is on your skates; this will make them easier to pick out in a crowd and allow you to identify which skate is yours without having to fumble with your keys or phone to find out. Many roller skate companies also do custom artwork as well, allowing you to make your skates as unique and personalized as possible!

cup-sole vs tongue-and-groove wheels

You should also consider getting cup-sole vs tongue-and-groove wheels for your skates. Cup-sole wheels are lighter and allow for a wider range of movement in the foot area, which is important if you plan on doing tricks. On the other hand, tongue-and-groove wheels provide more support to the wearer by surrounding each section of the foot and they also help with speed and stability.

high-top or low top style boot:

In general, the lower the top of your skate shoe, the easier it will be to get them on. However, low-top styles don’t provide much protection for your ankles. If you’re not planning on doing tricks or jumps and plan on skating casually over short distances, a low-top style boot is fine.

If you’re going to be skating distances or doing lots of tricks, a high-top style boot will give you more support and stability.

Cruiser-style Skates vs figure skates

If you want to just go for a leisurely skate around some open space or concrete path, at your own pace, Cruiser-style Skates would be perfect! They are typically made with a lot of padding, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also have thick wheels that roll smoothly over any type of surface.

While figure skates are used primarily for competition and other extreme skating situations, there are some differences between the standard street skate and a figure skate that you should be aware of:

They’re usually much more expensive than non-figure skates and require specialist sharpening of the blades to keep them from becoming dull.

Figure skates are also heavier than street skates because they have a larger boot area, which provides more support and protection for your feet (but results in extra weight). If you plan on performing complex tricks or jumps while skating competition style, you will benefit from the added support. However, if you plan on skating casually or doing long distances, a lighter pair of skates may be better for your skating experience.

Construction material and quality:

When shopping for roller skates, it is extremely important to consider the quality of the construction of the skates. The materials used in the boot, wheel, and frame should be durable and last a long time.

You should also consider what kind of materials your skates are made out of. Depending on the type of skating you plan to do, the material of your skates will help determine how well they can withstand wear and tear. If you’re just using them for basic skating and not too many tricks, a strong pair such as leather may be suitable for your skates. If you’re going to be doing a lot of jumping or other tricks, look for skates made with a strong synthetic material such as nylon.

If you’re planning on using your skates for long-distance skating, you should consider getting ones with hardcore in the middle that will provide extra stability and balance to keep from twisting or turning wrong while skating.


safety is extremely important while skating. You should always wear protective gear such as wrist guards, elbow pads, and helmets to protect yourself from being injured in case of a fall or other types of accidents. Even slight injuries can be extremely painful if you are not wearing the proper safety equipment!

If you plan to skate outdoors a lot, it’s a good idea to also get some gel pads and replace the ones in your skates with them. Gel pads are lightweight and comfortable, but they provide extra padding for your feet that will keep them feeling fresh even after skating outdoors for extended periods of time!

Another thing to consider is the safety of your skates. If you’re going to be using them on concrete, you should try to find ones with a strong boot that will provide extra support for your ankles and protect you from injuries in case of falls.

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